The last 20 minutes in 20 seconds.

In just one look and in a few seconds you can see the last 120 images. Queralbs Village, southern Pyrenees



Avaliable 24h/7.

Images handled in a save environment of European servers. Maximum reliability. Acces without waiting and continuous updated. Mare&Foal Torelló-Barcelona


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Time Zoom

3 times scales to see in a fast way all the intervals and find concret moments.

Local Road in Masies de Roda - Barcelona

How we do? Without additional instalations

Most of IP cameras con generate pictures/photos with the maximum avaliable resolution. We configurate your IP cam to send us the pictures, and our servers will do the rest. 

In a phew seconds and with no delay, the pictures of your camera will be in the website and you can see them as a contiuous secuence so you can follow the movement and motion. 

In case that you don’t have Internet conection in the place where the IP cam is located, you can use a 3g/4G router and a pay-card.